We have a mama white-tailed deer living in our back woods with her twins. Here they are, right as I walked outside to take their photo.

To give you some perspective, the grass is about a foot tall. They are still nursing and foraging a bit; research tells me this makes them between 3-5 weeks old. They are just precious.

This week she has been leaving them at the edge of our woods/mowed lawn while she goes out and forages. The two of them rest in the shade. I see their heads and big ears, just barely, peeking above the grass.

That she chooses our lawn as a safe place is not lost on me; we do have fox, tons of hawks, and coyote in the area, so that the edge of our lawn with our crazy dog barking at them is her safe place, well that just makes my heart happy.

Today, one was foraging while the other slept.

The one on the left is foraging and you can just see the one lying in the grass, far right, ear peeking out. My lens couldn’t quite contain both of them in the photograph very well.

Never very far apart, but certainly not inseparable, they did their own things for awhile.

Those spots and their coloring, such a deep shade of burnt orange. When the sun hit it, their coats just shone like silk. I cannot tell the two of them apart yet, they truly look exactly the same. The only difference I see is that this one, the forager, is slightly larger than its sibling.

Pretty soon the forager wanted to know where its sibling was.

Oh yeah, behind me.

And then it walked deeper into the woods. Not far, maybe a few feet. Just enough to make the brother/sister get up out of curiosity.

Wait, where are you going? Wait for me! said the one resting.
Can I come too?

And pretty soon, they found each other again.

Ah, safe.

After awhile, momma came back and the three of them headed deeper into the woods. This seems to be her daily routine this week so tomorrow, I’ll post myself on the porch early and watch the edge of the woods. I’d like to be there when she drops the twins off, let her know they’ll be safe.