If I could order up the perfect days, like we do our coffees and our lunches at local cafes, mine would have thin layers of laughter amidst chunks of peaceful moments, bits of sweetness surrounded by chills from a breeze, and time would stretch, not like a rubber band but as a heart making room for more love – gently, slowly, surprisingly.

Yesterday began as a brisk 68 degrees, humidity so low you couldn’t feel it, and a breeze which made me turn back around and grab a sweater. Sitting outside with my coffee, the birds and I awoke together, watching as the sun lit each leaf of the maple out front. The book I had been wanting to read found its way into my lap and as I read and listened to the chickadees, blue jays, and cardinals, the sun and coffee warmed my soul.

Today brought more of the same and we found ourselves at a local lake, amidst a large family reunion, many revelers grilling and sharing picnics, and a number of virgin boaters trying their hand at paddling in all sorts of ways. The wind was strong enough to create small ripples on the water which rocked our canoe, bringing shrieks of laughter from my kids. We then sat and listened to the waves, lapping at the sides of the boat, lulling us all into a quiet slumber, nature’s lullaby.

The rest of the afternoon has allowed me to sit on my porch, photographing our flowers, watching how the light plays with my daughter’s face through my lens, and listening to the bees as they roam from flower to flower.

If I could order up the perfect days, this is what they would be – cool, yet warm, moments of peace punctuated by laughter, and all built on a schedule which has no beginning nor end. And as I write this, I hear the quiet call of a glass of wine as my kids shrieks interrupt my peace. Through it all, I smile, deeply.

Here’s hoping your days are filled with everything your soul would order.